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Recent Work


    These sculptures are a mixture of bone, resin and natural pigments. During casting, many different effects are created using a variety of materials including sage, cinnamon, glass, stone, wood, metals as well as found objects.  Natural pigments are embedded into the casting to infuse color into the sculpture.  Through many different processes, including using kerosene, fire and other elements, griEGO creates an organic patina for each piece and ensures each individual sculpture is unique.

Straight Jacket Hero (3 Pillows High & 3 Reasons Why)
Angels Have Angels
Carrot & Stick
Daughter Mine
A Maternal Heart
Pyramid IV
Here's to White Picket Fences
She Steals the Moon From the Stars
Empyrean II
The Petrification of Time
Archer's Wife
My True Path
When the Birds Stop Singing Be Still
Open Heart Angel VIII
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